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Posted on: January 8, 2011 7:28 pm
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Life on the road isn't easy, even for good teams

A Saturday schedule with just one game between ranked schools seemed boring on the surface.

That's why I stayed home this weekend.

If only No. 9 Missouri, No. 10 Kentucky, No. 17 Kansas State, No. 18 Michigan State, No. 19 UCF and No. 22 Vanderbilt could've done the same. Maybe then they wouldn't be six ranked teams that just endured losses to unranked teams in hostile environments. Yes, it was one of those days in college basketball. Every time I flipped the channel some ranked team was going down on the road. The result was an afternoon of court-stormings, and Sunday night's Top 25 (and one) is sure to be a shuffled mess.

For those who missed it, here you go:
  • Colorado 89, No. 9 Missouri 76
  • Georgia 77, No. 10 Kentucky 70
  • Oklahoma State 76, No. 17 Kansas State 62
  • Penn State 66, No. 18 Michigan State 62
  • Houston 76, No. 19 UCF 71
  • South Carolina 83, No. 22 Vanderbilt 75 (OT)
Georgia is the only unranked team of that bunch that'll likely break into the updated rankings, so let's not pretend this is the day that validates Penn State, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Houston or South Carolina. Yes, Colorado (12-4) and Oklahoma State (13-2) are both solid. But Saturday's results say less about them than they say about how difficult it is, even for nationally ranked teams, to go on the road and win in conference play.

(Worth noting: No. 4 Syracuse nearly lost Saturday at Seton Hall, and Seton Hall is 7-9.)

No. 6 San Diego State, No. 13 Georgetown and No. 20 Illinois are among the ranked teams on the road against unranked teams next Saturday. My advice: Don't be shocked -- or even mildly surprised -- if some of them (or all of them) experience the same fate that Missouri, UK, KSU, Michigan State, UCF and Vandy experienced this Saturday. If it happens, it won't necessarily mean they were overrated. It'll just mean they had to travel.
Posted on: April 15, 2010 7:33 am
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ULM's Early leaving for job as assistant

Louisiana-Monroe's Orlando Early is the second head coach this week to leave for a job as an assistant. Just a day after Hartford's Dan Leibovitz resigned to join Jerome Allen's staff at Penn, Early told his team Wednesday that he was resigning to join Darrin Horn's staff at South Carolina.

An official announcement is expected Tuesday.

"He said he wanted to be close to family," ULM junior Lawrence Gilbert told thenewsstar.com. “It caught us off guard. I thought we were just coming in to talk about academics and maybe individual workouts.”

Assistant Jimmy Voight will be named the interim coach.

Louisiana-Monroe finished 12-19 in Early's fifth season at the school.
Posted on: February 25, 2010 12:43 pm

Can Darrin Horn move to 4-0 against UK?

This should not be competive.

The spread is 16 points.

But the biggest game on tonight's schedule is still South Carolina at Kentucky, if only because it presents an opportunity for the Wildcats to avenge their lone loss. It happened last month, at South Carolina, thanks to a 30-point effort from Devan Downey. And though the Gamecocks are just 2-4 since that game, it should be noted that South Carolina coach Darrin Horn, a Lexington native, still owns a 3-0 record against UK.

Anyway, back to Downey.

I would encourage you to checkout www.downey2therim.com for a reminder of how explosive Downey can be, if you've forgotten. Also: Click this link for a video preview of the game I did with CBSSports.com's Jason Horowitz. Tip-off tonight is set for 9 ET.
Posted on: January 27, 2010 12:51 am
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UK ignores Obama, loses focus (and game)

I had the details wrong.

I admit that much.

But I did tell you that Kentucky would not go undefeated, that the Wildcats would lose on the road. And wouldn't you know it, before my stupid column was up even 12 hours, the Wildcats lost at South Carolina, otherwise known as a place I thought they'd win.

Final score: Unranked South Carolina 68, No. 1 Kentucky 62.

Call it the President Obama Jinx.

As you probably heard, President Obama called the Kentucky basketball team Tuesday to thank them for organizing a telethon that raised more than $1 million for Haiti. He referred to John Wall as "all-star" and told the team that "the way [they] were going" indicated they might end up at the White House accepting congratulations for winning a national title. President Obama then asked who Kentucky played next. John Calipari told him South Carolina, at South Carolina.

"I think you should be alright," President Obama said. "But there is that tendency once you get to be No. 1 to start letting down a little bit. So you guys stay focused."

Roughly nine hours later, Darnell Dodson missed an open layup in a one-possession game with a little more than five minutes to play. No focus. It seemed to foreshadow the conclusion, which was Kentucky's first loss -- a loss to a team that entered with an 11-8 record, a loss to a team that lost its second-best player (Dominique Archie) to a knee injury five games into the season.

"Let's be honest," South Carolina's Devan Downey told reporters afterward. "No one gave us a chance."

That's basically true.

But President Obama did tell UK to stay focused or else.

The Wildcats did not.

So now they're one of five teams with one loss.

Just like Kansas.



And Syracuse.
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Posted on: December 21, 2009 2:27 pm
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South Carolina's Archie is done for the season

South Carolina forward Dominique Archie will undergo season-ending knee surgery.

"Despite the encouraging response from his rehab, it was determined that he will not be able to reach full strength without surgery," said South Carolina coach Darrin Horn. "Our number one priority throughout this process has been Dominique and his best interests, for his future as an individual and a basketball player. We will continue to support and encourage him in any way we can."

Archie suffered what was described as a right knee sprain against Miami on Nov. 22.
He averaged 14.4 points and 6.0 rebounds in five games played this season.
Posted on: November 16, 2009 6:54 pm
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The Poll Attacks

The AP and Coaches polls make less sense than signing Allen Iverson.

I'll tell you why right now.

It's time to Poll Attack !

AP poll: Proof that the Poll Attacks are making an impact came Monday when I learned that Bill Cole ranked the Butler Bulldogs. This is a massive development because, for those who don't remember, Bill was the only AP voter who didn't have Butler on his preseason ballot, which caused me to dedicate a large portion of the preseason Poll Attacks to his inexplicable decision.

I didn't understand why Bill ranked UCLA but not Butler.

It made no sense.

I said so.

And Bill responded this week by moving Butler onto his ballot and dropping UCLA completely despite nothing of note happening with either team between the time his first and second ballots were filed. The only thing that happened is that Bill got Poll Attacked , and he adjusted his ballot to (presumably) avoid another beating. It makes me proud, honestly. I'm bringing change to America one ballot at a time.

In a related note, I'd like to take a moment to make sure Elton Alexander, Al Balderas, Pat Ridgell, Charles Goldberg and Jason Groves understand the season started last week. They all included Mississippi State on their latest ballots, this despite Mississippi State -- at best a borderline Top 25 team in the preseason -- losing its season opener at home to Rider by an 88-74 margin.

Come on, guys.

Try to keep up.

Coaches poll: Remember the preseason Coaches poll and how I pointed out that Southern California/USC getting 22 points was ridiculous? I surmised those "USC" votes must've been intended for South Carolina , and that the geniuses who tabulate the votes incorrectly credited them to Southern California.

No doubt, that's what happened.

Because Southern California got zero points in this week's Coaches poll.

That's more like it.

But what's confusing is that South Carolina got zero points, too.

It's crazy.

South Carolina got one point in the preseason Coaches poll, and if we're assuming the 22 "USC" points should've also gone to South Carolina then it's fair to assume South Carolina should've received at least 23 points in this week's poll. Instead, the Gamecocks beat Alabama A&M by 38 and lost its one point and the other 22 that we're incorrectly credited to Southern California. The only explanation is that the coaches simply wanted to avoid confusion and declined to vote for Southern California, South Carolina, USC or anything close to any of those things. Poor Darrin Horn. Guy might never be ranked again.
Posted on: October 29, 2009 10:28 am
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Is 'USC' really South Carolina?

The Coaches poll is out, and, holy crap, the Poll Attacks are going to be simple this afternoon.


Because Southern California got 22 points, that's why.

Honestly, there is no way anybody who knows anything about college basketball could put Southern California on a Top 25 ballot. The Trojans lost everybody except Dwight Lewis, including their coach, and they were picked ninth in the official Pac-10 poll. So it makes no sense ... unless there was a screw-up.

Serious question: Is it possible some coaches put "USC" as a vote for South Carolina, but the folks who tabulated the votes gave those votes to Southern California instead? There is no other explanation. That's what happened, right?

Posted on: September 24, 2009 5:41 pm
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UK lands first commitment from Class of 2010

Stacey Poole, as expected , gave Kentucky its first commitment from the Class of 2010 on Thursday.

"This decision was very hard," said Poole, a 6-foot-5 wing from Florida. "It came down to the wire."

Poole is ranked No. 86 by MaxPreps.com, No. 58 by Scout.com and No. 27 by Rivals.com.

He was also considering South Carolina.
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