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Hancock transferring from GMU to Louisville

Luke Hancock has decided to transfer from George Mason to Louisville, a source told CBSSports.com on Saturday.

Hancock averaged 10.9 points and 4.3 assists for the Patriots last season and hit the game-winning shot in George Mason's victory over Villanova in the NCAA tournament. He'll sit out next season per NCAA transfer rules and then have two years of eligibility remaining starting in 2012-13.

Hancock also considered Michigan, Marquette, Virginia Tech and multiple other schools.
Posted on: April 27, 2011 8:38 am

Pitino no longer coaching Puerto Rico team

Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino is backing out of an agreement to coach the Puerto Rico national team in preparation for the 2011 pre-Olympic qualifying tournament because of scheduling conflicts, the school announced Wednesday morning.

"Too many conflicts arose," Pitino said. "It is a great disappointment that we cannot take on the challenge to help them qualify for the Olympics."

One issue, according to Louisville officials, is that Pitino had hoped to take the Cardinals with him to Puerto Rico on a preseason "foreign" trip so that he could work with them while also working with the Puerto Rico national team, but the NCAA declined to OK that plan because Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States. Consequently, Puerto Rico is not considered a "foreign" site under NCAA rules.

"We were hoping to arrange for both the Puerto Rico and our UofL teams to play at the same foreign site, which could not be accommodated," Pitino said. "An additional tournament in Brazil would have also kept me from being in Louisville at a key time for the start of the fall semester."
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Solid weekend for the Knucklehead Rule

Remember my Knucklehead Rule?

It's rooted in the "once a knucklehead, always a knucklehead" theory, a cynical view of the world that suggests people with issues almost always remain people with issues. I wrote about it while doing a column on former Ohio guard Armon Bassett last year. I mention it today because the Knucklehead Rule just had a helluva weekend.

It started with actress Lindsey Lohan (Queen Knucklehead) returning to jail Friday for a probation violation. Then Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall (Hall of Fame knucklehead) was involved in a domestic dispute that led to him being hospitalized with a stab wound. Meantime, Lakers rookie Derrick Caracter (knucklehead for most of the past decade) was arrested in New Orleans. And Florida football player Janoris Jenkins was hit with a marijuana charge for the second time this year. And former Major Leaguer Elijah Dukes was arrested for the second time in less than two months. And former NFL player Keith McCants was charged with felony possession of cocaine and resisting arrest.

The headline at ProFootballTalk.com about McCants read, "Former top-five pick in trouble again."

Again is the key word.

The Knucklehead Rule -- still undefeated.
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Posted on: April 10, 2011 8:51 pm

Manhattan hiring Louisville assistant

Louisville assistant Steve Masiello has reached an agreement in principle to become Manhattan's next head coach, a source confirmed to CBSSports.com on Sunday.

An official announcement is expected Monday.

Masiello is a former Manhattan assistant with New York roots and strong ties to the New York recruiting scene. The 33 year old recruited multiple New York-area players for Louisville -- among them Samardo Samuels, Earl Clark, Edgar Sosa, Francisco Garcia and Derrick Caracter.

Masiello replaces Barry "Slice" Rohrssen.

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If I had to project the field right now ...

... here's how my top four lines would look:

No. 1 seeds: Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh, BYU
No. 2 seeds: Notre Dame, Duke, Purdue, Texas
No. 3 seeds: San Diego State, Wisconsin, Louisville, Syracuse
No. 4 seeds: St. John's, Connecticut, North Carolina, Florida
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The Poll Attacks

How could somebody still have Louisville unranked?

No idea.

But somebody does.

And that somebody just got Poll Attacked.

(Details of AP ballots courtesy of PollSpeak.com.)

Associated Press poll: I could tell you why the top of the poll is wrong, why the middle of the poll is wrong and why all sorts of other things are wrong, too. But the reality is that college basketball is a mess this season. Only a handful of teams are reliable, and it's reasonable to disagree on much of this stuff. So I decided to do something slightly different this week. I'm not going to debate anybody's order. I'm only going to highlight an insane omission from one ballot that is totally indefensible.

It's Louisville.

The Cards were left off Gary Laney's ballot despite A) a 19-6 record featuring wins over the teams he has ranked 14th (Connecticut) and 20th (Syracuse), B) the fact that Louisville is all alone in fourth in the Big East standings, and C) a 4-4 record against Top 25 RPI teams. Now that might not sound like much, I know. But it's worth noting that there are just 11 teams in the country with a Top 25 RPI and at least a .500 record against Top 25 RPI schools, and Louisville is one of those 11. That's partly why I ranked the Cards 14th in the Top 25 (and one), and it's among the many reasons why no logical voter should have Louisville unranked.

And yet Gary Laney from The Advocate has Louisville unranked.

He went with Alabama and Coastal Carolina instead.

Alabama is 8-8 against the Top 200 of the RPI. But Gary Laney has the Crimson Tide ranked 23rd and thus ahead of Louisville, which is 12-6 against the Top 200. Coastal Carolina? Well, the Chanticleers have only played two Top 100 RPI teams -- Georgetown and College of Charleston. They lost 81-60 to Georgetown and 83-67 to College of Charleston, meaning they're 0-2 against the Top 100 with a pair of losses by an average of 18.5 points. But Gary Laney has Coastal Carolina ranked 24th and thus ahead of Louisville, which is 9-5 against the Top 100.

I dare you to try to make sense of any of that.

Coaches poll: I started the Poll Attacks by explaining how and why I'm not going to debate order. So I'll stay true to my word and just make two points about schools that got votes that shouldn't be getting votes.

Utah State is 24th in the coaches poll.

That's silly for all of the same reasons I told you it was silly two weeks ago. The only thing of note that's happened since then is that the Aggies lost to an Idaho team that has a 14-11 record against a terrible schedule. In other words, Utah State shouldn't have been ranked two weeks ago, and its body of work has only gotten worse. Meantime, the coaches are still giving Minnesota four points in their poll, which is silly for all of the same reasons I told you it was silly last week. The only thing of note that's happened since then is that the Gophers have taken a home loss to a collapsing Illinois team. In other words, Minnesota shouldn't have been getting votes last week, and its body of work has, like Utah State's, only gotten worse.
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Videos, videos and more videos!

You want to watch me preview seven of this weekend's games with Jason Horowitz?

Click this link.

You want to hear me talk about myself for 20 minutes?

That's this link.
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The Big East Conference -- where everybody loses

I don't know if there's an elite team in the Big East.

They all seem flawed in some way.

But I'll still be surprised if the league doesn't put a record number of schools in the NCAA tournament, and I won't be shocked if one or two make the Final Four. The problem is trying to figure out which one or two because the league is a scattered mess after three top 10 teams took losses Saturday.
  • No. 23 Louisville 79, No. 5 Connecticut 78 (2OT)
  • No. 21 Georgetown 69, No. 8 Villanova 66
  • Marquette 76, No. 9 Syracuse 70
The result of that is this: The teams ranked fifth (UConn), eighth (Villanova) and ninth (Syracuse) in the latest AP poll are now fourth (UConn), fourth (Villanova) and eighth (Syracuse) in the Big East standings, and the team ranked 23rd (Louisville) is all alone in second. Meantime, nine Big East members are in the top 28 of the latest AP poll, and half of the Big East's 16 members already have either three or four league losses, which suggests every relevant Big East member except Pittsburgh is likely to spend the next five weeks alternating between wins and losses. It'll be fun to watch from a distance but unbearable to experience first-hand. For proof look no farther than to Wednesday's showdown between Syracuse and Connecticut.

Yep, those two teams play each other next.

So Syracuse will either take its fifth straight loss or UConn will take its second straight loss.

There's no way around it.

Which is why Jim Boeheim and Jim Calhoun must be going crazy.

Both lost winnable games Saturday.

Now one of them is guaranteed to lose again Wednesday.
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