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The Poll Attacks

Posted on: January 24, 2011 3:29 pm
Edited on: January 24, 2011 3:31 pm
There's always one voter who wants to be different for the sake of being different.

That voter usually ends up getting Poll Attacked.

 (I hope it was worth it, Ron.)

Let's do this!

(Details of AP ballots courtesy of

Associated Press poll: Duke might be America's best team, might win the national title, might finish the season ranked No. 1. Who the hell knows? But voting the Blue Devils No. 1 right now is just as silly as voting anybody but the Blue Devils No. 1 in the preseason, because there's nothing tangible to back up such a vote. For the millionth time, the games have to matter. And by any measuring stick the only team that can be voted No. 1 right now is Ohio State ... unless you just love San Diego State. Honestly, I would not ridicule anybody for ranking SDSU No. 1 because the Aztecs are obviously good and possibly great, and there's no stain on their resume to hold against them. Want to hold their schedule against them? Fine. I'm OK with that, too. That's why I have the Aztecs fourth, because they do lack quality wins. But any defense of SDSU can start with, "Yeah, but nobody has beaten them," and that's an obviously difficult thing to counter. So I guess what I'm saying is that you can do whatever you want with San Diego State, and you'll hear nothing from me. Rank them first or fourth or eighth. I'm cool with it.

But what I'm not cool with is Duke at No. 1.

How can that be justified?

The Blue Devils do have a stain on their resume, specifically that 66-61 loss at Florida State.

Beyond that, Ohio State has better wins than Duke.

Seriously, take a look:
  • Number of Duke wins vs. currently ranked teams: 1
  • Number of Ohio State wins vs. currently ranked teams: 4
Duke's only win over a currently ranked team is a home win over No. 25 Michigan State. Meantime, OSU has wins over No. 16 Minnesota (home), No. 20 Illinois (away), No. 22 Florida State (away) and No. 24 Florida (away). So by AP standards, OSU has four wins -- three of which came on the road -- better than any of Duke's wins, and one of those wins is a 58-44 win over the Florida State team that beat Duke. So to recap: OSU is 20-0 with four wins over currently ranked teams while Duke is 18-1 with one win over a currently ranked team. And OSU easily handled the team that beat Duke. And OSU (this is probably worth noting, too) didn't lose its best player to a toe injury last month.

Knowing all that, how could anybody rank Duke ahead of Ohio State?

Answer: I have no idea.

But I'd love for you to email Ron Morris from The State newspaper in South Carolina and ask him.

He's the lone AP voter ranking Duke ahead of Ohio State.

Perhaps he knows something the rest of us don't.

Or, more likely, he doesn't know any of the stuff I just referenced.

Coaches poll: I loved Baylor in the preseason.

Loved LaceDarius Dunn. Loved Quincy Acy. Loved Perry Jones. Loved the potential. But then the season began and Baylor started taking bad losses, and the Bears haven't done anything to offset them to date, which is why I can't comprehend -- neither can ESPN's Eamonn Brennan, by the way -- how some coach is still voting the Bears on his Top 25 ballot. The Bears are 13-5 with four losses to teams currently unranked in the coaches poll (Gonzaga, Iowa State, Washington State and Florida State) and one loss to a currently ranked team (Kansas). And their best win is a home win over unranked Oklahoma State. So while there might come a day when Baylor again deserves to be on a Top 25 ballot (I still like the potential of the roster), that day is most certainly not to day. So shame on the coach who voted Baylor 25th ... unless, of course, the guilty party is Baylor coach Scott Drew.

In that case, hey, I understand.

I guess.
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Posted on: January 26, 2011 10:30 am
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The Poll Attacks

Its a very easy explanation, the players were running on adrenaline to start the game, causing the run to 18-3, while after the adrenaline went away the fact that the players didn't sleep the night before set in, thus causing the second half collapse.  In fact, you could see Kansas' energy level markedly drop at about the 10 minute mark of the first half.   

Now, Texas deserves their just do, they are a great team and played a great game.   All I'm saying is that the game doesn't necessarily mean that Texas should automatically be ranked higher than Kansas.  A ranking should be based on the combination of (a) the entire year up to this point; and (b) a voter's projection on how good a team will be going forward.

While I am biased as a Kansas fan, I happen to think Kansas is still the better team and will end up beating Texas in the big 12 tournament later this season.

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 3:58 pm

The Poll Attacks when parrish says:

Number of Ohio State wins vs. currently ranked teams: 4

OSU has wins over No. 16 Minnesota (home), No. 20 Illinois (away), No. 22 Florida State (away) and No. 24 Florida (away)

So your telling me he is not saying FSU is a quality win there? Am I misreading that statement?

Then next paragraph down he says:

The Bears are 13-5 with four losses to teams currently unranked in the coaches poll (Gonzaga, Iowa State, Washington State and Florida State)

Now there he is saying that those are bad losses for Baylor. Again , am I reading this wrong?? Do you not see how with Ohio State he is saying it is a quality win? With Baylor it is a quality loss? Am I twisting his words around or something?

Your correct in saying every team plays out of their mind when playing Duke, a win against them can almost get you in the tourney alone with a sub par record. FSU did play out of their mind, but FSU is also a talneted team and is looking like a sure lock for in the top 3 of the acc ( I think 2nd ) and a ncaa invite. If you have watched them latey they are playing great basketball, esp at home like they most always do.

And Buddy, im not playing the "if's" I simply stated that the marvelous top 3 of 4 in top 25 that OSU has beat possibly might not even be ranked next week. If I was playing the game of if's i would say something assinine like, oh well OSU barely beat Penn, who got absolutely destroyed by Maryland who Duke handled. But I dont play the games of "if" Buddy.

Let me say this as well, obviously a Duke fan here, I never once Duke should be #1. I agree Ohio St should be #1. My beef is 1) They are not that distant apart for as some1 casting their vote for Duke if they really feel they are #1, a being called out and stupid when there are way more ignorant things going on in the top 25 poll. 2) Parrish chooses how to use his logic which is illogical. He is not consistent and doesnt judge the same on a weekly basis.

Not understanding the logic with sullinger being able to destroy all of duke's bigs? Ohio State is still ranked #161 in the nation in rebounding while duke is like #41? Thats inside isnt scaring me that much. We have 2 players averaging more points then Sullinger, Dukes duo of Singler and Smith, who on Ohio St can stop them? Remember the saying "2 is better then 1"??? Thanks Buddy!!

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 1:18 pm

The Poll Attacks

I don't usually bother with the "Comment" sections of various sports websites and this one is an example of why I don't. If this site rates "mfaoya" as having a "Reputation" of 93 and affords him the "Level" of All-Star then I question it's relevance. Not after reading his entry where he rates Duke # 1 - and Ohio State # 6? "mfaoya" is obviously a Duke homer and an Ohio State hater and should be completely ignored. While my team is nowhere near the top and I have no reason to root for OSU (quite the opposite), as of this moment I have no doubt they should be ranked # 1. Take some pointers from "RJRfootball51" mr. "mfaoya". He's a Duke fan too - but obviously one who can carry on an intelligent discussion of College BB!

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 12:44 pm

The Poll Attacks

skullface, Parrish didn't say FSU was a quality win, he said that FSU is a common opponent that OSU handled at FSU and Duke lost at FSU.  Now, as a big Duke fan, I have seen how just about every team that plays Duke, especially ACC teams at home, just have a way of playing out of their mind.  FSU did just that.  They played out of their minds and handled Duke a lot more thoroughly than the score would indicate.  Again, a win over a common opponent isn't always a good indicator because the rational that team A beats Team B and team B beats team C means that team A is better than team C just isn't sound reasoning.  Also, Sullinger would destroy all three of Duke's "bigs" and Duke no longer has their freshman phenom guard to balance that out.  OSU is the #1 team in the country...right now.  It could be a different story come April.  Oh, last thing buddy, to start playing the "if" game when talking about OSU's list of currently ranked teams maybe a bad idea.  We could "if" our ways into and through countless scenarios right now so it may be best to avoid that particular slippery slope.  Remember the saying, "if 'if' were a fifth then we'd all be drunk."

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 11:09 am

The Poll Attacks

Man, are you guys kidding?  Ya'll are beating up on Gary for something he said that is going on RIGHT NOW!!! The key word is RIGHT NOW.  There are several things that wrong with the polls this week.  One of them being that the voter put Duke ahead of tOSU. Another is Mich. St is still ranked.  Some of you still would rank Duke ahead of tOSU and that's simply CRAZY.  based on the facts that Gary presented you cant jusify having Duke ranked #1 and you know it.  I understand all you Buckeye haters from football may transfer to basketball but lets be real and start making sense people.  The polls will change next week and the week after that.  So calm down, but be lets be real about it.  tOSU Buckeyes are the #1 team in the country RIGHT NOW.

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 10:53 am

The Poll Attacks

Make up your mind Gary. When your talking about Ohio State, you use Fla State as one of their top quality wins over a ranked team. But then you come back and bash Baylor for losing to them as a unranked team in the coaches poll. How can you use them both ways? How can a quality win also be a bad loss??? Also love how you use the use of currently ranked teams. 3 of those teams might not even be ranked next week, 3 of them are ranked 20-25, one loss this week and they could easily not be a top 25 team, leaving one team  in the top 25 OSU has beaten. I find no fault if someone thinks a 1 loss team might be #1 in the country. Thats why it is an opinion and a poll. Maybe he feels Duke has more weapons still then any other team (only Div-1 team to have as many as 6 players drop 20pts in a game, and have 3 players drop 30) and with only a one loss difference, is it that big of a stretch that they might be better? Oh and besides, why arent you ripping the guy that gave Pitt a first place vote? Especially after seeing them take another loss last night??? So many other things to rip in the poll, like your beloved MSU. I personally think they are a top 25 team talent wise, but going by your strict win/loss record style how can you have them even ranked? Oh wait, don say it, because thats your opinion right?? We should change the name to the A** attacks. You want stupidity? Here is stupidity:

Virginia Commonwealth 2, Baylor 2, Coastal Carolina 2, Duquesne 1, Belmont 1, Penn State 1, Harvard 1

Your telling me all those teams are better then say UNC or Marquette? (btw I hate UNC with a passion) Maybe, maybe Baylor. Others, I dont think so.

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The Poll Attacks

Come on guys, as a Duke fan, huge Duke fan, even I can tell you that Duke should NOT be ranked number one right now.  They lost to a team that lost to the undefeated team currently ranked number one on the same court.  There is no argument there.  I don't understand how the argument can be made that OSU shouldn't be ranked #1 right now.  OSU is as far out in front right now as Duke was pre-season.  Luckily it doesn't really matter what the numbers look like right now because we have a great tournament at the end of the year to find out who is best.  POI, Duke beat a full strength KSU team in Kansas City before their downfall that I believe is due more to losing their top two guys and having their rhythm thrown off than forgetting how to be a top tier basketball team.  Still not saying Duke should be #1, or even #2, right now, but just remember that even though KSU isn't currently ranked, they were a consensus top 5 team and lost at full strength to only Duke before all that mess went down.  I think #1 OSU, #2 SDSU, #3 Duke...gotta give SDSU a little something right now.  Just watch out though, Duke looks like they may have figured out how to play without Kyrie Irving. 

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 10:12 am

The Poll Attacks

While I certainly don't disagree with the attack against voting Duke #1.  I do take issue with the analysis that results in you having SDSU ranked 4th.  Personally, I would have had them 4th as well, but your rationale is a failure.  Using the fact that OSU is undefeated with better wins and tougher schedule than Duke to poll attack someone for voting for Duke, while at the same time, ignoring those very same points and putting SDSU behind Duke is ignornant.  You can't use one standard for OSU and one for SDSU when comparing them to Duke.  If OSU must be ahead of Duke because they have no blemishes, then so must SDSU.  And don't argue schedule because SDSU's schedule is better than duke's.  So you fail for poll attacking someone by using a rationale that would result in you being poll attacked as well.

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 8:52 am

The Poll Attacks

You're not cool with Duke #1
You have the GALL to put PITT #2 ha ha ha
Well I'm not cool with that GARY

2. BYU
3. SDU
4. Kansas
7. Texas

Anyway GARY  I (NO MAKE THAT WE) are sick and tired of your
love affair with IZZO ...MICH ST IS NOT A TOP 25 and 1 TEAM

again you're not cool with duke being #1 well can you tell us who
is ?   NO you cannot...because you DONT KNOW  NO1  does

But to say you are against some1's vote
1. Cause they have DUKE #1
2. Cause they dont have MICH ST in their top 25
3. etc etc etc

I remember  you ap coaches polls  all had mich st #2  ha ha ha
all had KANSAS ST #4  ha ha ha
you put TENN AT #4  ha ha ha
dont forget you had BUTLER #7 ha ha ha
and last but not least  you had Minn in your top 10  lol gary
I have picked the ncaa champion every year except when Kansas won
that year i picked DAVIDSON
Duke is #1 and will R E P E A T

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