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The Poll Attacks

Posted on: January 17, 2011 4:02 pm
Edited on: January 17, 2011 4:08 pm
PITTSBURGH -- First things first: I'm sick as hell. Been coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose for three days straight, and it's awful. A normal person would've been to the doctor twice by now. But I'm an idiot. So I keep popping over-the-counter pills and assuming I'll be better in a few hours. But it's just not happening. I'm miserable, and I tell you all that not to invite sympathy. (Seriously, why would you feel sorry for me? I've got good insurance. I could go to the doctor if I wanted, but, like I said, I'm an idiot.) I'm just trying to explain that after waking up early Monday and doing some work, I popped two more pills and grabbed a quick nap. (Can you overdose on Theraflu?) When I woke, at least 10 people had emailed or Tweeted Jon Wilner's ballot my direction, which means his ballot is more ridiculous than five star dishes and different exotic fishes.

Anyway, how do I feel after my nap?

Terrible, still.

But the flu won't come between me and my Poll Attacks.

(Details of AP ballots courtesy of

Associated Press poll: I'm in Pittsburgh. So let's start with Pittsburgh.

The Panthers are clearly good but ranked no higher than third on 64 of 65 AP ballots because they're 17-1 with a blowout loss to a six-loss Tennessee team, and because Ohio State, Kansas, Syracuse and SDSU all entered Monday undefeated.

To me (and to 64 of the 65 AP voters), this is easy: Pitt can't be No. 1 this week.

Just can't.

Not when perfect teams with quality bodies of work remain.

I ranked Ohio State No. 1 because the Buckeyes are perfect and they pass the eye test. Simply put, I think they're the nation's best team, and there's nothing on their resume (like, for instance, a loss to Tennessee) to suggest otherwise. But if you're really into the "quailty wins" gauge -- and you don't watch basketball at all, and you hate Jared Sullinger -- I can understand why you might not like OSU because the Buckeyes only have one win over a team also ranked in this week's poll (though I could point out that OSU has a dominating win over the Florida team that beat the Tennessee team that owns a dominating win over the Pittsburgh team that Jon Wilner has No. 1, but I don't like those kind of funny things so let's not worry with it).

So Jon doesn't like OSU because the Buckeyes lack quality wins.

I get it.

But then how could he possibly explain Syracuse?

Jon has the Orange all the way down at No. 6 despite the fact that the Orange are 18-0 with three wins over teams also ranked in this week's poll, meaning they pretty much match Pitt in terms of quality of wins but do so without the drag of a loss to Tennessee. So if nothing else, Syracuse has to be ahead of Pittsburgh, and, no, it doesn't matter what happens Monday night at the Petersen Events Center. What happens on a Monday night should have no bearing on rankings released Monday afternoon. That's common sense. So I don't have the slightest idea how Jon could come to the conclusion that Pittsburgh should be ranked No. 1 and Syracuse should be ranked No. 6, but what's even more baffling is Duke at No. 2.

Did Jon miss last week's loss at Florida State?

That counts, right?

I mean, you can't just ignore it and keep Duke ahead of every undefeated team, can you?

Anyway, that's the top of Jon's ballot.

The bottom is similarly silly.

But I'll let you decide if I'm right or wrong in that assessment.

Let's play Team A vs. Team B.

(You know you LOVE Team A vs. Team B!)

Team A is 14-4 with two losses to unranked teams and three wins over ranked teams. Team B is 14-4 with four losses to unranked teams and one win over a ranked team. Also: Team A and Team B have both played Georgia. Team A beat Georgia by six. Team B lost to Georgia by nine.

So, I ask, which team deserves the higher ranking?

Team A, right?

It's not even close, is it?

Team A has three times as many wins over ranked teams and two fewer losses to unranked teams.

Team A is Notre Dame, by the way.

Team B is Colorado.

Jon has Colorado 16th.

He has Notre Dame unranked.

And with that, I'm done with Jon (for this week, at least).

It's time to move on to my man Whitelaw Reid, a recurring character in the Poll Attacks. The good news is that he finally ranked Texas A&M (all it took was a 16-1 record with wins over Missouri and Washington). The bad news is that he only has Texas A&M at No. 22 -- otherwise known as 11 spots lower than he has Missouri (15-3 with a loss to A&M) and seven spots lower than he has Washington (13-4 wtih a loss to A&M).

Also ahead of Texas A&M on Whitelaw's ballot: Baylor.

Baylor is 13-4 with four losses to unranked teams and zero wins over ranked teams.

But Whitelaw has the Bears 19th.

He must like green.

Or something.

Coaches poll: I spent a good portion of last week's Poll Attacks explaining why Memphis cannot appear on anybody's ballot. Since then the Tigers have lost to SMU and had their second-leading scorer suspended, and yet there's still one coach voting Memphis 25th on his ballot.

Who's the coach?

I couldn't begin to guess.

But if said coach is reading, let me make this simple: The Tigers are 13-4. They've been routed by both ranked teams they've played (Kansas and Georgetown), blownout by the one bipolar team they've played (Tennessee) and beaten by one of the many bad teams they've played (SMU). Their best win is over a Miami team that's mediocre at best. Meantime, two of the three relevant veterans that were supposed to be on this roster heading into the season aren't current members of the team, and one of the McDonald's All-Americans fought a teammate, threatened another and is now at Ole Miss.

Got all that?


Now vote accordingly.

(It should be noted that Memphis did actually look better in Saturday's win over Marshall, which might suggest Memphis is better off without its second-leading scorer who was suspended last week. But that's another blog for another day. Rght now I've got another nap to take.)
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Posted on: January 19, 2011 11:52 am

The Poll Attacks

G'town beat Mizzou. G'town gave the game to Mizzou as much as Mizzou gave it to them (remember the huge lead G'town had?).

I'd love for you to point out the teams that, up to that date, had a resume as impressive as Georgetown did when Georgetown was ranked #9 that were poorly ranked. And that was all before G'town had faced a single big east team. So were they overranked then? No. but you claim they were and that's the basis for your claim. in reality, G'town's OOC wins were as impressive as pretty much any other team in the nation.

And now we've seen that the g'town losses weren't as bad as previously thought because of both in-conference games (St John's has beaten ND now also, for example) and out of conference games (WVU beat Purdue @ home. Still, Purdue @ home is a pretty impressive win, no?)

So tell me, how is Minnesota better that georgetown and thus should be ranked (or at least get votes)? they beat purdue at home, and...? I'm told beating Purdue at home isn't that impressive (by you). Or L'ville's great wins over UNLV and...? Or what, in god's name, justifies Washington's ranking?

I'd love to see your definition of a "good win." Temple's rpi is 33. Mizzou's is way 27. ODU is 35th! Utah State is 44th. I'm guessing your definition has the arbitrary cut off of 30th?

oh, and michigan state is ranked above G'town. so all that blah blah blahing is kinda irrelevant. If anything, MSU being ranked above g'town is the travesty.

We could rely on kenpom (I prefer Kenpom) at which point g'town is at 31 (so very, very far from 23! lol), but your MSU tangent is equally dropped (down to 25). Unfortunately, then, Minnesota is ranked 45th.

look, do i think g'town looks like a top 20 team? no. they aren't. but to say they don't even deserve votes is absurd. to say that their inclusion is wrong is overboard. Point out the teams that are so much better that aren't ranked.

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Posted on: January 18, 2011 6:17 pm
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Posted on: January 18, 2011 3:25 pm

The Poll Attacks

Note- Wich St beat UCONN? when? Cuz I know they were both in Maui in the same tournament, UCONN won that tournament, they were also undefeated. please enlighten me.  UCONN is more than Kemba BTW too, Jeremy Lamb, Oriaki and Napier are all VERY VERY good and can take over when needed, like yesterday against Nova!!   They are a very very good team!!   I honestly don;t know anything about SDSU i do KNOW that WSU did NOT beat UCONN!!   don;t compare SDSU to UCONN and their schedule, that is a joke!!   UCONN has played Mich St, Kenticky, Pitt, ND, Nova, and Texas already, theya re 4-2 against those teams, that is VERY good!!

Since: Jan 18, 2011
Posted on: January 18, 2011 1:27 pm

The Poll Attacks

"Note- SDSU beat Wichita State who beat UCONN. "

No, Wichita State LOST to Uconn.

Since: Mar 6, 2009
Posted on: January 18, 2011 1:08 pm

The Poll Attacks

Back up your drivel.
Minn. beat WVU and UNC on neutral floor.
Big ten has No. 2 Conference RPI
Mich St. is 6th best Big Ten team.
Illinois lost 2 in a row to Big Ten teams.
Bank on the fact that big ten will have FF team again as usual, probably   2 teams.

Since: May 11, 2007
Posted on: January 18, 2011 12:53 pm

The Poll Attacks

The Aztecs remained ranked at 6th despite a good win against UNLV and an even better win at the Pit.  Thanks for keeping the Aztecs hungry.

Since: Oct 30, 2008
Posted on: January 18, 2011 12:51 pm

The Poll Attacks

You know what the best part is?  None of this crying even matters.  This isn't college football, where the ranking decides the Champion.  This is college basketball, that has a 64 team tournament (65 if you count the play-in) to decide the Champion.  And guess what?  Who's ranked what doesn't matter. 

So who cares if Colorado is ranked higher than Notre Dame right now?  This is a silly and childish opinion column that I can't believe someone actually got paid to write.

Guess what Gary... I don't give a rats patootie what your opinion is.  I don't even really care about the AP Poll.  I hope that Colorado gets to play Notre Dame in the tournament.  Because they will beat them, probably by a large margin.  Then everyone can see that your opinion is rubbish.

Are you sure you didn't write this column while under the influence of Vicks Formula 44D?

Since: Oct 10, 2008
Posted on: January 18, 2011 12:22 pm

The Poll Attacks

Kansas - RPI-#1..SOS-#17.....
Ohio State - RPI-#8..SOS-#61.....
When you look at Ohio State's 5-0 record in conf play, here's what you will find.....
1. Indiana- 10-8 overall (10th place in conf/1-4) won 85-67.....
2. Iowa- 7-10 overall (last place in conf/0-5) won 73-68.....
3. Michigan- 11-7 overall (9th place in conf/1-4) won 66-64 (same pts scored against Miami (OH).....KU scored 83.....
4. Minn.- 14-4 overall (6th place in conf/3-3) won 67-64.....
5. Penn St- 10-7 overall (7th place in conf/3-3) won 69-66.....
Ohio State can barely win against the bottom dwellers of their conf. Does this team really deserve the #1 ranking over a Kansas, Pitt, or even a Syracuse team. I don't think so!.....
Note- SDSU beat Wichita State who beat UCONN.

Since: Mar 11, 2007
Posted on: January 18, 2011 11:42 am

The Poll Attacks

You My Friend are AN IDIOT
The reason the person ranked Duke ahead of Ohio St
is simple DUKE IS BETTER
Ohio State is a JOKE
mark my words the whole BIG10 IS A JOKE THIS YEAR
even had MICH ST ranked #2  LOFL
OHIO ST PLAYING 15 16 17 19th teams WOW
and guess what none of the above 4 deserve top 25 rankings
Illinois has lost 2 in row
yet still ranked with what 4 losses
when all is said and done  NO BIG 10 TEAM IN FINAL FOUR


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Posted on: January 18, 2011 11:37 am

The Poll Attacks

   Let me try and understand your thinking.
You say if a team has 3 or 4 losses and all 4 are against top 15 teams they should be ranked
ahead of a team with 1 loss.  DONT MAKE SENSE
To rank  Texas Kentucky ahead of BYU
again let me ask
In any sport  if a team is 15-1  and say lost to a nobody vs
a team that is 12-4 that all 4 losses are to top 15 teams.
You rank the team with 3 or 4 losses ahead of a 15-1 team
All sport teams TRIVE on RECORD
and one of the most STUPIEST moves I HAVE EVER SEEN

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