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Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

Posted on: October 12, 2010 11:24 pm
Edited on: October 12, 2010 11:25 pm
The NCAA has launched an investigation into Baylor coach Scott Drew and his men's basketball program because of the school's involvement in the recruitment of a high school player from Colombia,'s Jeff Goodman reported Tuesday night. has confirmed the story with multiple sources.

Drew could not immediately be reached for comment.

The development centers around the recruitment of Hanner Perea, a Class of 2012 prospect from Colombia who now plays at LaLumiere High in Indiana. According to the report, Baylor assistant Mark Morefield -- who was suspended from off-campus recruiting for phone violations this past summer -- sent "dozens" of text messages to Perea's AAU and high school coaches in July while they were coaching at sanctioned events, which is an NCAA violation. Among the texts was a message sent to LaLumiere coach Alan Huss that reportedly threatened to have Perea deported if the 6-foot-9 forward committed somewhere other than Baylor.

"I guarantee u if he does [commit to another school] he will be in Colombia for the spring and summer and next year," the text read, according to "Don’t forget it."

NCAA officials are expected at Baylor later this month.

The investigation is the latest dose of bad news for Baylor. The Bears' star guard, LaceDarius Dunn, was arrested last week and charged with felony assault because of a domestic dispute with the mother of his child. Dunn is currently suspended from classes. It's unclear if he'll ever play for Baylor again.
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Posted on: October 15, 2010 2:52 pm

Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

OSCWAHOO......I POSTED A COMMENT FOR REPUTATION 97 THAT WAS MEANT FOR YOU.  I sometimes get very upset and make mistakes when I read stupid comments from people like you.

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 2:43 pm

Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

Reputation97...You should do some research before you open your stupid mouth.  No where in the NCAA Violation Record Books does it state that Calipari was the cause or committed any violations while he has been coaching.  If you knew ANYTHING you would know he wasn't the problem at UMass or Memphis.  But like so many, you just repeat what you hear other say.  So for that you could be considered a LIAR. So I don't know you but I will call you everything you called Coach Cal, now do you like being slammed by someone who doesn't even know you ? You shouldn't, so why don't you get your comments correct before your say something,

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Posted on: October 14, 2010 4:48 pm

Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

Count me in the group that is absolutely convinced that Scott Drew and Baylor are cheating beyond the "normal" limits.  For them to come from almost losing their program to getting the recruits they have signed over the last 4 years is completly unheard of.  There is no good reason that all of these 4 and 5 star recruits would suddenly start wanting to play at this school.

Having said that, I have to believe that this threatening text had to be a joke.  Surely no one is actually stupid enough to say something like that and actually think they have the ability to pull it off...or at least make the student-athlete think they could pull it off.  It's just an assinine thing to text and proves what kind of people these Baylor coaches are (extra nice guys being that Baylor is a religious school).

I'm sure the NCAA will find plenty of serious violations with these guys and Scott Drew can go back under his bible-toting rock and the 2-14 records in the Big 12 like he deserves.

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Posted on: October 14, 2010 9:50 am

Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

So not only was he commiting NCAA violations but also breaking the law.  Wow this dude or dud is really in a tight spot.  How are you going to threaten a high school basketball player.  What is his big interest in this kid?  Sounds like(I'm going out on a limb here) that he may have paid one of the coaches or the player himself. Drew had to be angry about something more than just losing a recruit.  When are people going tolearn that text messaging is not private. When you are using someone's service (verizon, t-mobile & att) they own the rights to those messages and can do whateber they want with them.

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Posted on: October 13, 2010 6:27 pm

Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

Within 3 years Cal will leave UK shambles.  NCAA should not have allowed Cal to remain in the college basketball program for ALL the things that were WRONG with Mass and Memphis after he left.  Just like Nolan Richardson NOBODY graduates.

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Posted on: October 13, 2010 5:26 pm

Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

lol wow.  new strategy.. If you don't have the donor money to pay recruits to play, threaten them

Baylor's fucked.

this is pretty stupid, as an empty threat to an aau coach isn't new nor is it an ncaa violation.  in fact, the texts may or may not have been illegal depending on the location/schedule of the coach who received the texts.  texts were not sent to the recruit (ala Sampson and others who have been busted recently)

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Posted on: October 13, 2010 5:23 pm

Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

you are obviously an Indiana fan and don't follow hoops in Texas.  Go to any AAU event or big high school tourney, plenty of Baylor gear and top recruits from '11, '12 and '13 in the lone star state have Baylor at the top of their lists.

You should be asking yourself how Indiana came to hire the son of the AHOPE program, who is also Penea's AAU coach, and how all these texts became public.  I'm sure Indiana is completely on the up-and-up.

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Posted on: October 13, 2010 2:46 pm

Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

This is a huge shame.  I was a fan of the Baylor program after they pushed Duke in the regional final last year (and could easily have won that game).  I heard a few radio interviews with Scott Drew before and following the game and thought he showed great class, and his description of building from a program in limbo to the point where they were finally able to contend for five star recruits struck me as very genuine.  I hope we're able to get to the bottom of exactly who knew what here, and a big part of me hopes Coach Drew had nothing to do with this.

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Posted on: October 13, 2010 2:39 pm

Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

Recruits would be foolish to go to Baylor now.  I live in Texas but Baylor isn't even part of the basketball conversation here even though they had a good year last year.  This is the 2nd big scandal this decade (2002-3)   Indiana is a much better choice- good kids not thugs and a great academic school with the best bball climate.  Sampson did mess up their perfect record but he is history now.

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Posted on: October 13, 2010 1:43 pm

Report: NCAA investigating Baylor

I am now once again proud to be an Indiana Hoosier who would think that the IU program led by Tom Crean and Co. would never stoop to this type of level.  I wouldn't put what Sampson did in the same category as this guy's threat, but am glad that IU has this type of stupidity behind them and are moving forward in the right direction. It's unfortunate that programs and universities build for so many years an institution/reputation that symbolizes every thing good about higher education and then to have one or a few individuals completely tarnish it or destroy it in a matter of a very short time.  I know it hasn't got completely out of control at Baylor yet but they are heading in the wrong direction and need to right the ship as soon as possible.


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