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Brandon Reed isn't good with maps

Posted on: May 27, 2010 2:03 pm
Edited on: May 27, 2010 2:06 pm

Sun Belt Freshman of the Year Brandon Reed finally spoke about the reason for his transfer from Arkansas State, and I think it's fair to suggest he would've been better off if he'd just kept quiet and left without saying a word.

According to Reed, his grandmother is the primary reason for leaving Arkansas State.

She suffered a stroke in February.

"I don't know what could happen to her," Reed told the Jonesboro Sun . "Something could happen to her while I'm away at school, so I just wanted to come home and be with my family."

Fair enough, I guess.

Who doesn't love their grandmother?

But the problem with Reed's statement is that A) he didn't decide to transfer until late May even though his grandmother had the stroke in February, and B) three of the schools Reed said he's considering are farther from his Atlanta home than Arkansas State. Reed said he has scholarship offers from Nebraska (998 miles from Atlanta), Baylor (868 miles from Atlanta) and Cincinnati (457 miles from Atlanta), among others. Problem is, Arkansas State is only 452 miles from Atlanta. So if the goal is to get closer to his grandmother, why is Reed considering scholarship offers from Nebraska, Baylor and Cincinnati?

Beyond that, how does Reed know he's got scholarship offers?

He told the newspaper he hasn't "contacted any schools during this time."

If that's true, where did all these scholarship offers come from?

Bottom line, I support Reed using one nice season in the Sun Belt to create bigger opportunities for himself, if only because that's precisely what Sun Belt coaches do all the time. That was the point of my column. But I do wish Reed was a little more honest about the reason behind his decision instead of contradicting himself in a prepared statement.

Do I believe his grandmother is sick?


But unless she's relocating, she doesn't live anywhere close to Nebraska, Baylor or Cincinnati.
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