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Howland: Honeycutt expected back Dec. 12

Posted on: November 29, 2009 5:47 pm

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- UCLA coach Ben Howland said Sunday he doubts Tyler Honeycutt will debut next Sunday against No. 1 Kansas. More likely, Howland said, the prized freshman -- who has been sidelined with a stress reaction in his right tibia -- will play as a Bruin for the first time Dec. 12 against Mississippi State. ranked Honeycutt No. 21 in the Class of 2009.

Long Beach State beat UCLA 79-68 in Sunday's seventh-place game of the 76 Classic here at the Anaheim Convention Center. The Bruins are 2-4 with losses to Cal State-Fullerton, Portland, Butler and Long Beach State. Fullerton and Long Beach State entered this season 0-20 all-time against UCLA. Now, obviously, that record is 2-20.
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Posted on: November 30, 2009 1:19 am

Howland: Honeycutt expected back Dec. 12

"It appears that the Bruin BBall team is taking an unfortunate page from the FBall team, thinking they can win only with defense,"

Really, what defense?    UCLA was a poor defensive team last season and are even worse this season.     Looks like Ben "the genius" was just an idiot savant.

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Posted on: November 29, 2009 11:09 pm

Howland: Honeycutt expected back Dec. 12

I hope Honeycutt is able to provide some scoring.  It appears that the Bruin BBall team is taking an unfortunate page from the FBall team, thinking they can win only with defense, but forgetting that you have to eventually put up some points.  Having seen the pathetic play (excluding a few moments against Butler) of the UCLA BBall team, I think they have had the perfect storm of circumstances create this situation

1.All the NBA defections, most specifically Jrue Holiday.  This should have been Jrue's team this year.

2. Lack of guard depth.  Ben recruited only bigs this year, partly because the prior year had Holiday, Lee, and Anderson.  He was wrong.

3.Anderson's groin injury.  He lost too much practice time, and obviously is not the same player he was coming out of high school.  He is still obviously hurt, trying not to show it.

4.Lee is not a transcendent, "get your own shot" kind of player like Collison or Holiday.  They don't seem to have one, unless one emerges later

5.Bobo Morgan lacks the natural quickness and basketball skills to play Howland's system.  He actually got in for a few minutes against LBSU, looked decent, and got pulled.  Some guys are just not practice players, but can change the game in certain situations.  He got a nice block today, rolled around for a loose ball.  What do you have to lose, Ben?

6.James Keefe never figured out how to score, other than weakside garbage.  This kid was a Mickie D All American.

7.Roll doesn't seem to have the shooting touch when he is the offense's first option.

8. These kids aren't quick enough on-ball defenders to pull off Howland's defensive system.  The opponents just go right around and over them, no matter how hard they play

9.They have no idea where the shots are going to come from in the slow down game on offense, so they end up forcing shots at the end of the play clock.  Howland teams have always had this problem, particularly early season, but they always had the horses to bail them out in the past.

I could go on, (and it is somewhat cathartic to do so), but the point is made.  To go from National Elite to getting beat up by average mid major teams on a nightly basis, despite a great coach and Nationally ranked recruits takes multiple simultaneous hits, and they have all happened.  The silver lining is that all these folks will get lots of development time, Howland has a history of figuring things out, and they have more recruits coming in next year.  They also aren't going to lose anyone to the NBA any time soon..

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Posted on: November 29, 2009 11:09 pm

Howland: Honeycutt expected back Dec. 12

Awesome comment LOL

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Posted on: November 29, 2009 9:52 pm

Howland: Honeycutt expected back Dec. 12

Parrish,  did you get money for that insghtful analysis.........

I need your job.......I could sleep thru all the games and have a little bit more than a blurb.....

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