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Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...

Posted on: April 8, 2009 7:49 am
Edited on: April 8, 2009 7:54 am

Any honorable reporter gives credit where credit is due.

So let me take this opportunity to congratulate Megan Calipari on her first big scoop.


That's what John Calipari's daughter, Megan, typed as a status update on her Facebook page Monday, which set off a whirlwind of speculation and phone calls, among them one from Memphis athletic director R.C. Johnson to former Memphis coach John Calipari.

"R.C. called me," Calipari told by phone early Wednesday. "He said, 'Do you know your daughter is on Facebook writing about Josh?"

Turns out, Johnson and Calipari had been in constant contact during the 24 hours leading up to Pastner's hiring. Ultimately, Johnson told Calipari he planned to tab Pastner as the Tigers' next coach after the school's interest in various other candidates was not returned.

"I was ecstatic," Calipari said.

So ecstatic, in fact, that he immediately called to tell his wife, Ellen.

Ellen was so ecstatic that she told her youngest daughter, Megan.

And Megan was so ecstatic that she told the world via Facebook.


"I called her and said, 'What are you doing!?!'" Calipari said. "She told me she was just saying yay for Josh."

Calipari learned of Megan's breaking news because of Johnson, who learned of it because Megan's status update had been copied and pasted on message boards, all of which was an eye-opening experience for the Calipari family. "You know what Megan said?" Calipari asked. "She said 'How gross is it that the whole world is watching what I do?'"

Note to Megan: This is the world in which you and your sister (Erin) now live.

Case in point, there are Facebook pages title We (heart) Megan Calipari and We love the Calipari sisters!!!

Both Erin and Megan are in college -- one at UMass, the other at Memphis.

"I told them that they have to get off Facebook," Calipari said. "This stuff is crazy."

Anyway, if you're reading, nice work, Megan.

Congrats on the scoop.

(And please shoot me an email if you hear anything about the Xavier hire.)

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Posted on: April 15, 2009 10:00 am

Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...

Is this the Lapointe that attended Memphis games with me in the Mid-South Coliseum in the Keith Lee, Bobby Parks, Doom Haynes days?  We would go over and listen to the post game show with Jack Eaton and Dana Kirk. 

If so, his blood bleeds Tiger Blue as does mine.  No Question.

- Ricky Marley

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Posted on: April 11, 2009 2:28 am

Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...

Seems that you've drunk deeply from the Koolaid jug. Calipari is and always will be the ethically challenged guy he is, to (semi)quote him, "he is what he is." 

Cal is a very self-serving individual, CALculating each gesture, each act. as to how it will be viewed and how he can maximally benefit from it. Thus the "charitable" activities, graduation of seniors, etc., so I imagine tax-deductions, how his image, his resume will benefit from those activities. Did he have those fundraisers to get in good with the powers that be? Did he do them on the Athletic Depts dime? Did he donate or did the monies come from everyone else at the fundraiser? Those I would have to have answers to before I pronounced them as being something of any true significance. He gave the impression of being for "the little guy" that gets no respect, when what he lusted for was approval from the likes of Kentucky and their fans. That is what I thought every time I saw him on TV commenting, followed by that fake "family photo" smile of his. I thought how disingeneous and dishonest that looked. But maybe that was only my imagination and I was being too critical.

From the ADs perspective, I am perplexed as to why Calipari was STILL involved "running" the Memphis Athletic Dept when he was now employed by Kentucky? Follow the self-serving aspect and you will know. Cal wanted those recruits. The only way Memphis would get them is with a highly visible hire, someone who the kids and their parents would be impressed and pleased with. Maybe the recruits were waiting to see who Memphis hired, and had TOLD Cal that when they talked before he left for Kentucky. So Cal might have "bad mouthed" Memphis to his colleagues to make the school a paraiah that it seemed to become in the hours and days after he left. And was he bad-mouthing certain coaches RC might have mentioned? Was he afraid that RC might just land someone who could keep those recruits at Memphis? So, the logical thing to do was to put doubt into RCs mind and get him to look at someone who would benefit Cal to the max! Pastner is now from the Calipari tree, Pastner  loves Cal for it and Cal knew Pastner would NEVER be able to keep those recruits at Memphis. Pastner would also defend Cal's actions for him to the Memphis faithful. Well calculated. Self-serving enough? Probably much less so than the actual case and the extent to which he was thinking.

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Posted on: April 9, 2009 1:49 pm

Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...

With friends like Cal, who needs enemies? 

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Posted on: April 9, 2009 7:12 am

Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...

OK, halo, I'm going to capitulate on this one.  You're a true Tiger and so am I.  You are at least partly right and probably mostly right.  My point has been this; I think the vilification of Calipari has been way overblown.  I freely admit that Calipari could serve as poster boy for the ethically challenged.  On the other hand, I think Tiger fans should be more grateful (in spite of if need be) for all that Cal did for the program, school and community.  Very very few could acccomplish here what he did and we have enjoyed the rewards for these several years.  Otherwise my contention is this: once Cal left a lot of air was going to escape from that balloon regardless.  Additionally. I have been advocating for Paz from almost the first day.  Once it became clear (in the first 24 hours after) that we were not going to get a high profile proven winner....or anything close, I was totally on Paz.  I posted here and elsewhere about 7 or 8 of what I considered compelling reasons for choosing Josh Pastner.  I thought he might have more luck in holding our recruiting class together but even so I'm still very satisfied with his selection.`  Based on the reporting of G. Parrish and others, my conclusion is that Cal undoubtedly had a hand in leading R. C. Johnson to that decision.  I also believe that any input or influence that Cal excercised in that process was intended to be constructive and beneficial to the Tigers.  I have to go now but we can talk about this more later.  There are still a couple fine points I'd like to elaborate on.  Best wishes to you.  GO TIGERS!!!   GO PAZ!!!

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Posted on: April 9, 2009 1:44 am

Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...

Off subject a little bit, Mythbusters are frickin Nuts! 

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Posted on: April 9, 2009 1:42 am

Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...

Gary's Headline should have read:

"YAAAAAAA! There is rioting on Beale Street, Calipari's house has been looted, the King has been dethroned!"


He has been pretty quite about it. Must be that whole Professional Journalism thing now that he is Big Time with CBS!

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Posted on: April 9, 2009 1:36 am

Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...

 hey crume......I've been waiting for Mr. Parrish to express some type of opinion on this Calipari rape. He usually doesnt miss an opportunity to take a few colorful jabs at Calipari. I'm starting to wonder if he received some kick backs off that 32 million dollar contract to remain silent. Either that or he is scared of the Calipari machine now that he is at Kentucky. I'm getting suspicious because, ya know......he was the Memphis tigers beat writer for a number of years......LOL.......DID YOU SELL OUT GARY???? CMON MAN....WE KNOW YOU DONT LIKE CAL....LET HIM HAVE IT.....YOU KNOW HE DESERVES IT BETTER THAN ANYONE.....


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Posted on: April 9, 2009 1:30 am

Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...

 The funny thing is, if this happened at amy big name school ( BCS ), they would be calling for ethics investigation, investigating any NCAA violations, etc..


yeah exactly crume....I made that point somewhere within my mass postings this past week LOL.....

The least he could have done was give us vouchers for free vasaline, so we could take it a little more easier.



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Posted on: April 9, 2009 1:25 am

Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...


The funny thing is, if this happened at amy big name school ( BCS ), they would be calling for ethics investigation, investigating any NCAA violations, etc.. We have class and are ready to move on. But all the fans of other schools would be calling for his head! 


The least he could have done was give us vouchers for free vasaline, so we could take it a little more easier.

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Posted on: April 9, 2009 1:11 am

Facebook's Megan Calipari has learned ...

 First, Cal did not attempt to extort the UofM regarding Barbee.  I have no doubt that he tried to exert leverage.


      You can call it leverage if you want. I call it extortion. Its really just a matter of semantics. The fact is that he claimed he would help keep the recruiting class together if they hired his buddy. This is extortion when you concider the fact that Memphis is now in a position where they are feeling pressure to hire who he wants or be faced with losing current players and or recruits. It simply doesnt make any difference what the inevitible outcome might be when discerning the current situation at hand.

Yes, most likely he did contact signed and verbally commited recruits before subbmiting his resignation to the UofM in order to take the Kentucky job.  I say to what.  It's done all the time now and in any case the signees were not going to come to Memphis once Cal left. 


     This is ridiculous. THis is not done all the time and it really doesnt matter if it is. Its still wrong, classless, and unethical. Roy Williams refused to let any recruits follow him to UNC when he left Kansas and was even forced to tell David Padgett no. Bob Huggins would not allow any recruits from Kansas State to follow him to West Virginia and was even forced to tell Bill Walker no. Its irrelevant if the Memphis players want to stay at Memphis or not. I dont blame them for wanting to leave myself. However, there is a flaw in the system here that Calipari has taken advantage of in basically being able to not only sell himself to another university (which is fine) but, also potential recruits (which is not fine). Recruits that were recruited at the expense of the Memphis university. I realize that he hasnt broke any rules and understand that I am not being critical of his desire to coach at a school like Kentucky but, its his willingness to stoop to any level in order to enhance his self benefit that is disgusting. The man has no class and any appreciation that I had for what he did actually do for the program is being lost in his quest for self promotion that is fueled by power and greed.

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