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Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

Posted on: March 7, 2009 3:23 pm
Edited on: March 7, 2009 4:04 pm

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- There are no guarantees a week away from Selection Sunday.

Let me say that first.

But Pittsburgh's 70-60 victory over Connecticut should be enough to secure a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament regardless of what happens going forward because it:

  • pushed the Panthers' record to 28-3 overall, 15-3 in the Big East.
  • ensured the Panthers will finish no worse than second in the Big East.
  • made the Panthers 7-2 against the top 25 of the RPI.
  • made the Panthers 9-2 against the top 50 of the RPI.
  • made the Panthers 15-3 against the top 100 of the RPI.
  • gave the Panthers two wins over another possible No. 1 seed (Connecticut).
  • strengthened the Panthers' hold on the top-rated RPI.

That last point is key because the school entering Selection Sunday with the top-rated RPI has been awarded a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament 10 of the past 13 seasons. The only times it didn't happen were in 2000 when Cincinnati got a No. 2 seed despite being No. 1 in the RPI, in 2005 when Kansas got a No. 3 seed despite being No. 1 in the RPI, and last season when Tennessee got a No. 2 seed despite being No. 1 in the RPI. And when you consider that Cincinnati didn't get a No. 1 seed in 2000 only because Kenyon Martin broke his leg in the C-USA tournament, the reality is that a No. 1 RPI has translated into a No. 1 seed 11 of the past 13 seasons.

In other words, book it.

And if you want a prediction, the prediction here is that the four No. 1 seeds will be comprised of two Big East teams (Pitt plus UConn or Louisville), an ACC team (North Carolina or Duke) and either Oklahoma, Michigan State or Memphis (with OU being the most likely, at this point). Another possible scenario (that would drive college basketball fans insane) would be for Duke to beat UNC on Sunday, then for those two to play a close game in the ACC tournament final, which could then lead to the top seeds being UNC, Duke, Pitt and either UConn or Louisville.

Yep, two ACC teams and two Big East teams.

If Duke wins here Sunday, get ready for it.

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Posted on: March 9, 2009 1:17 pm

Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

None of the "elite" teams have shown to be invincible this year, None of them!  Pitt, UConn, UNC, Oklahoma, L'ville (dramatically overrated) or Mich St.

You are SO right, Rollover11...why even Memphis showed themselves capable of being beaten--beaten by two middle-tier Big East teams, Syracuse and Georgetown.

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Posted on: March 9, 2009 12:43 am

Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

As a Memphis fan, and a college basketball fan in general, here are a few thoughts.  Memphis may or may not get a #1 seed.  #2 would be fine, your either gonna have to beat a 1 or 2 to get to Detroit anyway.  None of the "elite" teams have shown to be invincible this year, None of them!  Pitt, UConn, UNC, Oklahoma, L'ville (dramatically overrated) or Mich St.

Here's hoping for a fun ride in March, good luck to all!

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Posted on: March 8, 2009 9:17 pm

Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

None of those teams you just mentioned above Memphis,MSU,Duke or Oklahoma dont even remotely come close to making a case for bumping Pitt off of the 1 line in the tournament. It's not even an issue worth discussing. Pitt will be a number 1 seed in the tournament period. Whether Duke kiss asses like Vitale or Oklahoma kiss asses like Gottleib like it or not. They are number 1 in the rpi, and they have earned it and they deserve it. So my advice to those ESPN guys and other fans who dont think Pitt should be a 1 seed and dont deserve to be GET OVER IT!!!

Since: Feb 22, 2009
Posted on: March 8, 2009 9:14 pm

Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

If Pitt beats Uconn against in the Big East semifinals on Friday which is a strong possiblity they are going to meet again, and then Louisville plays Pitt in the Big East Tournament championship and beats them there is no way they can justify putting Uconn ahead of Louisville for one of those number 1 seeds and here is why. Pitt would have beaten Uconn 3 times and 2 times in less then a week should they beat them next Friday, and Louisville if they somehow would beat Pitt in the Big East tournament championship would have beaten Pitt twice this season and won not only the regular season championship of the Big East but also the tournament as well. I dont care if Uconn blew out Louisville in Louisville earlier this season which they did. The committee should go more by what have you done for me lately instead of the whole body of work and games that occured a month or two ago. Now being a Pitt fan I could care less if either Louisville or Uconn get one of those number 1 seeds, but the bottom line is if Pitt beats Uconn 3 times and twice within 6 days and then Louisville beats Pitt again for the 2nd time this season and wins the conference and tournament championships of the toughest conference in the NCCA there is no justification in my opinion for seeding Uconn ahead of Louisville for a number 1 seed should all that take place.

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Posted on: March 8, 2009 7:20 pm

Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

Wow  Gary, you must have had a seizure writing that one.  Yet, you still inexplicably had to add the word probably in your title.  Give me a break on that.  Here are three of your guaranteed #1's and you can bet the ranch this is where they will be seeded...The West seed is a little bit dicey.

East---UConn.  Everybody loves UConn. They really are a solid team capable of winning it all.  Their biggest issue is who is their go-to guy?  AJ Price is their best scorer and will have to be really hot in order for them to make it beyond the sweet 16. 

Midwest---Pittsburgh.  Though I am sure guys like Parish and Vitale are trying to figure out a way to keep them from a #1 seed somehow, the reality is not only are they are #1 seed, they are the #1 overall.  This team has it all.  They are deep, experienced, have a dominant big man, great point guard and a legitimate scoring winger.  Most importantly, they play great defense and have as good a coach in the country. 

South---UNC.  Another easy one.  Great team and very capable of winning it all to be sure.  Greensboro looks very welcome to them and they will be Pittsburghs biggest challenge to winning it all.

West---Louisville.  The other team who could get here is Oklahoma but if Louisville makes it to Saturday night in the BE Tourn, I think they get the other #1

Funny sidenote of this article...Who else could lose 4 of 6 in February and still be mentioned as a possible #1 seed??  None other than the Duke Blue Devils...priceless.


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Posted on: March 8, 2009 7:07 pm

Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

Pittsburgh did lock up the #1 seed.  UConn has despite the losses to Pitt.  UNC just secured the 3rd by beating Duke and I am going to go with Michigan State who seems to firing on all cylinders for that last number 1 seed.  Memphis, record or not, will get a #2 seed.  Whether or not it is fair, they will be penalized for playing in Conference USA and their out of conference performances were far from stellar.  As for Oklahoma, Blake Griffin's conconussion loss aside seem to be slipping a bit.  If Louisville runs the Big East Tournament and UConn bows out early or to the Cardinals then they would replace the Huskies.  My guesses: #1's- Pittsburgh, UNC, UConn, Michigan State.  I know, I am a MSU fan but watch out.  They are getting it together.  Essentially have home-court advantage if they can make it where they should and Kalin Lucas will take the world by the storm.  Go State!

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Posted on: March 8, 2009 5:52 pm

Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

As a Memphis fan I dont care what we get 1 or 2.

Does it even really matter 1 or 2 Seed? Last year we lost 1 game with a steller resume that crushes what these so-called top teams did this year and we got the top 1 seed... with that top seed we still ended up playing a great texas team in Houston.

Three years ago we got another 1 Seed, one that placeD us in a California against UCLA.

So really, the NCAA can keep its one seeds, because they are nothing but a setup for Memphis!lol 

And keep begging for Memphis as a 2 seed...They will end up in your bracket with nothing but a grudge! Ready to put it on the last number 1 seed.

All of these teams are good...but non would like to see the best defense in there bracket surely!

Since: Feb 22, 2009
Posted on: March 8, 2009 4:57 pm

Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

We will see how overrated Pitt is when they are playing in Detroit on April 4th which they most definitely will be. As long as Blair doesnt get in serious foul trouble in tourney games and Sam Young scores consistently like he does time and time again every single game Pitt will be playing in Detroit...There are just not any teams out there before you get into the final four side of the bracket that have the depth or the talent to knock a team like Pitt out. It would take an absolutely amazing effort from someone to beat Pitt I believe before the Final Four. I just dont see it happening as we sit here today, but that's why they play the games so we will see how it all plays out.

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Posted on: March 8, 2009 4:53 pm

Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

They arent going to lose their first game of the Big East tourney. They will beat Notre Dame or WVU on Thursday night whoever it is they end up playing. The earliest they go out would be to Uconn on Friday night in the semi's if they play them the night before the finals. And even then that wont be enough to knock them off the 1 line. Their resume is too strong and there are not enough good teams there to bump Pitt off the 1 line it just isnt going to happen...

Since: Feb 22, 2009
Posted on: March 8, 2009 4:49 pm

Pitt probably secured a No. 1 seed

Gottleib will continue to do so and not give Pitt any credit until they advance past the Sweet 16 in the NCCA tournament which I think they are a mortal lock to do so this season. Seth Davis of CBS at halftime time and time again the past 2 days has said time and time again that he thinks Pitt is going to win the National Championship...I wont say they are a lock to win the National Championship but at this point I will be absolutely shocked if Pitt is not playing in the Final Four and also at least playing on Monday night April 6th for the National Championship. You cant expect Pitt to have another game like they did against Providence a few weeks ago. That if anything was a blessing in disguise and a wake-up call for Pitt that they cant look past anybody. It's dangerous because it's going to make them even more focused and prepared to play against anybody they see in the NCCA tournament. With a consistent 3 guys like Fields,Young,and Blair leading the way this Pitt team is going to be extremely tough to knock out of the tournament. The 3 teams I think have a chance to beat Pitt are Oklahoma because of Griffin,Kansas, and North Carolina because they both have good balance and can score a lot of points. Anybody else that Pitt plays in the tournament including Uconn and Louisville again or someone like Duke even Pitt will take out...

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