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It's Sir Albert Pujols Time

Posted on: February 9, 2011 10:31 am
Speaking from a perspective of not being a St Louis Cardinals fan but rather a fan of MLB and one that has saw salaries go through the roof and take away the father son at the ballpark day. Not to mention the fact if you do get in the ballpark make sure to catch a Buzz before you get there as beer prices would require a second mortgage on the house if one hoped to get to a happy place, hot dogs are sold in value as if you were getting half a Hog to go with it. MLB is not about the fans anymore, it is about money and paying whinny grown men who are represented by leach agents who suck the life out of the game with Steroid Inflated prices. However I would have to say in a post Steroid (give or take) era in which players like Arod and Manny have went to the bank and are still getting paid for inflated numbers from the wonder juice. I think  it's time for Sir Albert Pujols to get paid where ever he may land as IMO he has given the Cardinals many yrs at a discount rate while he has remained again IMO a face for not only St Louis but MLB as it's best player , not to mention a Player that has seemed to do it on God given ability and a strong work ethic driven by Moral and intestinal fortitude.Pay the man St Louis or someone else will as it would be money well spent!
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